How Do I Protect Myself From Seborrheic Keratosis?

With keratosis, the words coverup don’t mean keeping a secret, they mean you have to protect yourself by covering up to protect your skin. Look at it this way, somewhere back in the dawn of time, there was a saying that “Mad Dogs and Englishmen Go Out In the Noon Day Sun.” At the time, though, those Englishmen were dressed in lightweight or airy linen suits and wore hats or helmets that protected their faces and bodies from the direct rays of the sun.

It’s not for us to say whether or not many of those people actually overheated in their clothing, the point here is that they protected their bodies by covering up and it is something you have to do as well, especially if you are recovering from keratosis.

Thinking about it, you must still remember that the sun is the cause of your problem and if you have just begun to conquer the problem, whether through ointments, peels or laser treatments, you still have to cover up or stay out of the sun directly to make sure all of the work you have done isn’t undone.

That’s right, it is possible that all of the hard work you have put into lightening up the keratosis blotches can be undone because you have gone back into the sun without proper attire or thought.

Your attire in the sun should still consist of a broad-brimmed hat that is airy and allows you plenty of ventilation and your clothing should be loose-fitting and long-sleeved so that you keep covered up. Does this take work and planning, yes, indeed, but if you do not do the work, you will suffer the consequences.

And, if you must have your time in the sun then the only way you can do it is with proper sun block that is a minimum of an SPF 35 or more and one which has at least three stars on the tube. This means you will have plenty of protection from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. The SPF figure is the amount of control that the sun screen gives you over the UVB rays (even higher is better) while the number of starts on the tube tells you how much control you will have from UVA rays, 3 or better is best.

It does take some planning on your part to pull this off, but you can do it if you take the time and do it properly.

Seborrheic keratosis

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