Facial Seborrheic Keratoses

Seborrheic keratoses is one skin condition that does not require any bother in the least. It is completely benign and it can’t lead to cancer. The only thing is that the skin condition can give you some cosmetic problems; considering the way it makes your skin look rather ugly and unsightly.  There are also times that clothing can brush over the skin condition and get it bruised. Bruised Seborrheic keratosis will surely get infected with time. In order to prevent the infection and the possible complication that may arise, it will be in your best interest to get rid of the Seborrheic keratosis on time.

In case the skin condition comes up on your face, it can make your face look rather ugly. In order to prevent the funny look it can confer on you, you should look for ways to get rid of the skin condition. There are so many things you can do to get rid of Seborrheic keratosis from your face. You can decide to visit a dermatologist, who will help you to get the skin condition treated. You can also decide to get things treated at home. In case you do not have much money on you, the later option may be the best for you.

 Try hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is helpful for the removal of Seborrheic keratosis from your face. The hydrogen peroxide must be properly diluted before it is used on the skin condition. If not, it will have uncomfortable burning effect on your skin. You should dilute the solution to about 30% before you use it. It can help to remove the Seborrheic keratosis in a matter of days; provided you carry out a consistent application of the treatment method.

Liquid nitrogen

You can also depend on liquid nitrogen for the removal of Seborrheic keratosis from your skin. Liquid nitrogen can be obtained over the counter and you can simply apply it to the skin condition to get it frozen. Seborrheic keratosis is supplied with blood and nutrient from your body blood circulation. Once the skin condition is frozen, the blood supply will seize and the skin condition will die a natural death.

Glycolic acid solution

Glycolic acid can also be used to remove the Seborrheic keratosis on your face. You need to dilute the glycolic acid to 5% concentration before you apply it on the skin condition. This too can get rid of Seborrheic keratosis on your face in a matter of days.


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