Extreme Seborrheic Keratosis

Seborrheic keratosis is a skin condition that is mostly associated with old age. It is prone to the skin of old individuals however the skin condition can affect anyone. It is medically proven that those people that have lived long in this earth or if you will live long in this earth then there are high possibilities that at one point in your lifetime you will get seborrheic keratosis. Do not freak out since it is a harmless skin condition with the only shortcoming of disfiguring your skin. It involves your skin developing bumps which may not be noticeable at the early stages but when they mature they become very conspicuous.

Seborrheic keratosis grows slowly overtime. They can start as one lesion or a group of lesions which are very small of up to a diameter of about 1mm. The lesions will grow progressively larger over time and seldom do they fade away on their own. The main cause of seborrheic keratosis is direct exposure of the skin to the sun’s rays. It is also said that seborrheic keratosis is hereditary however this only occurs ion rare situations. Exposure of the skin to the sun’s rays causes more production of keratin which in excess is deposited on the skins surface. Continuous exposure of the skin to the sun will cause excess seborrheic keratosis since more keratin will continue to be produced in excess.

There is no permanent treatment for seborrheic keratosis since even if you are using treatment and you still expose your skin to the sun you will still increase the spread of the skin condition. Prevention prevails to be the best cure for seborrheic keratosis. You only need to prevent your skin from the effects of the sun if you want to evade seborrheic keratosis successfully. When going out to the sun make sure that you apply sunscreen protector a few minutes before you go out to the sun. Apply the sun skin to your arms, neck, face and any other part that is often exposed to the sun.

In case you have seborrheic keratosis then there is treatment out there. Make sure that you prevent your skin from the sun as you use treatment for you to cure seborrheic keratosis effectively. Lastly keep in mind that the best cure for seborrheic keratosis depends on how you effect treatment and how you take care of your skin.


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