Dietary Supplements For Seborrheic Keratosis

Seborrheic keratosis is characterized with some forms of flaky skin developing after some form of inflammatory disorder of the skin. People with oily skin can suffer some forms of scales forming especially on the oily parts of their skins, while those with dry skin can actually witness some cracks forming on their skin, such become itchy and reddened. Discolourations often set in after a while. It should be noted that supplement treatment for seborrheic keratosis will not remove the infection but will treat some of its symptoms and help the condition improve.

Seborrheic Keratosis Supplements

Flax seed oil, Hemp oil and coconut oils are some of the best supplements which can be used in dealing with symptoms of seborrheic keratosis. Hemp oil supplements has been proven to be highly effective in dealing with severe symptoms of seborrheic keratosis , symptoms such as itching, redness, and skin sensitivity can be treated with hemp oil supplements. They help improve the appearance of the skin and then soften it making it overcome dryness that seem to aggravate seborrheic keratosis. Hemp oil supplements must be taken daily to achieve the best possible result in few weeks.

Flax seed oil supplements are particularly taken because they contain fatty acids which are needed for healthy skin. Flax seed oil can also be taken daily until the symptoms of seborrheic keratosis are relieved. Flax seed oil can help dry skins gets hydrated and this will help relieve some of the symptoms of keratosis that are related to dryness of the skin. Flax seed oil supplements are ideal to put symptoms of seborrheic keratosis under control permanently.

Coconut oil supplement works just like other supplements highlighted above. The oil is massaged on the skin on daily basis . The dietary supplements can also be taken daily to improve skin conditions and lessen the effect of the symptoms of seborrheic keratosis on the skin.

In most cases, supplements are often combined with other forms of treatments for seborrheic keratosis and such treatments include, keratosis creams and lotions, microdermabrassion, laser treatments , and cryotherapy. These supplements help the skin heal faster even after treatment and they can be taken at any period of the day .It is advisable to take keratosis supplements daily for several weeks to achieve the best possible results otherwise the symptoms may reappear sooner than expected.

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