Having a glowing fair skin is almost everybody’s dream. Not that it is all about vanity but just because it reflects someone’s confidence and personality. Having a clean appearance gives one a positive outlook in life. Good outward appearance makes one confident and positive. The part of the body that gets the first impact besides the hair is the skin. The main function of the skin is protection and insulation. Since human skin is not as tough and thick like other animals, we ought to take care of it.   Damaged skin can make one miffed and self esteem. With the dawn of new technology, many procedures have been designed to help repair skin. When it comes to skin care and treatment, there are many options available nowadays. Things like creams and surgery are obtainable for someone who wants to have a skin treatment.

There is a surgery known as dermabrasion that peels off the layer of the skin called stratum corneum.  Although skin has natural peeling, this procedure performs it in a short period of time. Skin blemishes, scars and damaged skin are removed by this procedure.

The outermost layer of the skin is removed by a dermabrader in a process known as sanding. Dermabraders vary from its type and use; there are electric sanders and laser sanders. Traditional dermabrasion process using an electric sander is more painful than laser procedures. This incorporates use of a general anaesthetic so the patient can endure the pain. With modern methods such as laser treatments, blood and pain are put at ease.

The skin would be very red and raw after the operation so to prevent infection, the operated part should be taken with great care. Regeneration and healing may take long afterwards. Although deep scars are hard to eliminate with dermabrasion, it is proven to be effective with shallow scars. The use of laser dermabrasion may be more effective, potent and efficient than traditional dermabrasion.

asking a doctor or dermatologist is recommended before taking this procedure. Your immune system and body recovery is important to be at the best of its health to help you go by the procedure. You will also need plenty of rest and general sanitation.