Danger Signs Of Keratosis And Beyond

Keratosis is basically the growth of keratin on the skin. When an individual is overexposed to the sun, it is likely that this skin disorder will come about. Other than that, there are also cases wherein the use of tanning beds is to blame. More specifically, there are three types of keratosis: actinic, seborrheic, and pilaris.

Actinic is the most common kind among the three. Since this is a precancerous skin condition, ignoring this may result to cancer. Those who literally and figuratively worship the sun are very prone to facing this kind of issue. The body areas that are overexposed to the heat of the sun are affected by this kind of condition. Furthermore, seborrheic  is distinguished by a growth or a bump on the skin surface. But then again, the bumps and growths that manifest on the skin of an affected individual are benign. Lastly, hair follicles that are plugged result to the skin disorder known as pilaris. In order for you not to experience any complications, it is best to determine the signs  apparent to your condition. If you do not approve with the idea of having severe skin damage or even cancer, do not treat keratosis as an ordinary problem that you can deny.

If you are dealing with your skin orderly, it is more than a need that you become on the watch. One danger sign of keratosis is the damage of the skin as characterized by areas that are crusted, outlined and scaly. Multiple spots on parts of the body that are overly exposed to the sun are signs of this condition. Do not confuse yourself with the dryness of the skin as normal because having these spots may be a sign of keratosis.

The patches may be red, pink, brown or gray in color, and become thicker if left without treatment The thickening patches may be a danger sign despite the fact that pain is not part of it. Keep in mind that people who have keratosis have rough skin. Always check how your skin feels like; if it is not smooth, then you may be experiencing the troubles of keratosis.

If you are about to engage in an outdoor activity wherein exposure to the sun is required, one good shot to take is to apply sunscreen. In order for your skin to be moistened, you can use lotions or creams.

Consult your doctor whenever there is a need to attend your skin condition medically.

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