Cure Seborrheic Keratosis Naturally

Keratosis can be unsightly. This is one of the main reasons why many people who have it are looking for ways to get rid of it. The skin condition does not have any link with cancer whatsoever. No one knows its origin or how it can be prevented. If the skin condition comes up on areas of the skin where there is consistent friction, it can get bruised and a bruised Seborrheic keratosis can easily get infected. When it gets infected, the whole thing can get complicated.

In case you are having Seborrheic keratosis and you are looking or a way to get it cured, some very simple methods will be made known to you through this write up.

Hydrogen peroxide

This substance had been discovered to be useful in treating Seborrheic keratosis. The application is also very easy to carry out. You do not need o visit the dermatologist to get things done at all. You only need to apply the hydrogen peroxide directly on the surface of the skin condition. Wrap the Seborrheic keratosis with duct tape after applying the hydrogen peroxide. You can then leave it till the skin condition shows signs of loosening up.  You need to change the duct tape after about 24 hours and put a fresh application of hydrogen peroxide. After some days of consistent application, the Seborrheic keratosis should be completely removed from your skin.  Care should be taken not to allow the hydrogen peroxide to touch the surrounding skin. This is because hydrogen peroxide can have burning effect on the unaffected parts of the skin.


In order to get rid of Seborrheic keratosis from the skin, you can also excise the lump. This can be done at the hospital and it can also be done at home. The one done at home may have one or two complication and it will be better for you not to attempt it at home. But in case you do not have the money to pay for such a surgical operation, you may use of scissor to cut the lump at home. Hold the scissors to the root of the skin condition and cut it off. This is a very fast way to get rid of this skin condition.

Liquid nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen too can be of help in getting rid of this skin condition from the skin. You only need to apply the liquid nitrogen to the surface of the Seborrheic keratosis.


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