Can A Seborrheic Keratosis Be Permanently Removed?

Seborrheic keratosis is also known as barnacle of old age. The word seborrheic is derived from the word seborrhea which means the power of oil. When you talk of seborrheic keratosis infection the glands of the skin are somehow associated. In the skin of a human being there are two types of glands; sweat glands and oil glands. The sweat glands act as excretory tissues since they help to excrete toxic substances from the body through the skin. The oil glands help to moisturize the skin by secreting oily substances to the skin surface.

Seborrheic keratosis is a harmful infection, some folks think or confuse it with skin cancer or other skin infections like liver spots or rather sunspots. Seborrheic keratosis is different since they form bumps on skin that can be rough, smooth or warty. It is usually caused by the growth of keratin on the skin surface that may be circular or whirl. Seborrheic keratosis is curable however not mandatory since they are not harmful and in some instances they fade away on their own. Before you start treatment make sure that your first have a medical check to prove that you actually have seborrheic keratosis and not any other infection.

There are different ways of removing seborrheic keratosis from your skin. Some individuals wonder if it is possible to get rid of the skin infection permanently from your skin. Well it is possible but as long as you follow the right procedure and approach to treatment and that you follow precautionary measures like not exposing your skin for long to direct sun rays. Treatment of seborrheic keratosis depends on the stage of infection. At its initial stages which is the recommended stage of treatment since it is still mild natural home remedies can be used. At the advanced stages it is recommended that you have a medical treatment since it can be severe or hide other skin infections like cancer.

Using natural home remedies to cure and remove seborrheic keratosis permanently is recommended and most welcomed by many since it is cost effective and easy for anyone. For the medical treatment the cost varies depending on the type of treatment employed. Some techniques like surgery are rather costly and disfigure the skin which may take some time for the scars to fade away. Regardless of the method you choose to get rid of seborrheic keratosis keep in mind that it is possible to get rid of it permanently.


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